PTFE Packaging and Tapes

All India Hoses and Polymers, dealer and manufacturer of PTEF packaging and tapes make this very much that every customer get quality products. That is why reckless efforts are made to enhance the supply of best brand’s products by importing them directly from the reliable distributors, wholesalers and stockist of the world. Go through the following list of PTEF packaging and tapes that you can place order for on the website of All India Hoses and Polymers.

Buy Wide range of PTFE packaging and tapes from All India Hoses and Polymers

Different type of Yarn is used for the packaging purpose in Industry which is supplied to the customers by All India Hoses and Polymers supplier. You can buy PTFE universal soft packaging Kohinoor style 11 and 12 which is a high quality yarn that can meet the purpose of packaging chemicals that are more prone to corrosive layer by oxidation with temperature -100 to 260c with diameter of 3 mm to 30 meters.

PTFE Graphite soft packaging Kohinoor style 13 having temperature range -100 to 300 with diameter of 6 mm to 19 mm, valve seal Kohinoor style 14 temperature range is -100 to 260 diameter of 85 mm to 5 mm, pure expanded graphite packing Kohinoor style 41 having temperature from -240 to 650 c with diameter of 8 mm to 5 metres, pure carbon packing Kohinoor style 42 with temperature variation from -240 to 600c with diameter of 3 mm to 19 mm, PTFE packing Kohinoor style 51, PTFE packing Kohinoor style 52 are also delivered to the customers at their doorstep by the aforesaid distributor.

Also purchase PTFE graphite packing Kohinoor style 61, PTFE graphite Kohinoor style 62, Aramid packing Kohinoor style 71, PTFE graphite combination packing Kohinoor style 81, PTFE and Aramid combination packing Kohinoor style 82, PTFE graphite and Aramid combination packing Kohinoor style 83, Hollow core or solid core packing Kohinoor HC/SC, PTFE putty and PTFE graphite putty Kohinoor putty etc. from All India Hoses and Polymers dealer.

Best quality branded PTFE Packaging and Tapes products for domestic and international delivery

Buying above mentioned products from the top quality brands can give a relief regarding the quality of the product. You can easily use these products for your industrial requirement without any doubt for quality. The best part of the services of All India Hoses and Polymers is that the supply is not just limited to the Indian places only but at the same time international delivery of the PTEF packaging and tapes is also available for the foreign customers.

The products that are supplied to the buyers are highly tested for the purpose of checking any sort of damage so that customers can get the fresh piece of the packaging products. Owing to the top level quality it is very genuine that low cost is required to maintain these products for longer run. The cost that is taken in return of the service is negligible when it is compared to the other suppliers across the globe.