Hydraulic Hoses

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Best Quality Hydraulic hoses for customers at affordable price

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A wide range of Hydraulic Hoses from All India Hoses and Polymers

There are so many types of hydraulic hoses that are manufactured to meet the needs of industry. The different types of hydraulic hoses vary from each other in their temperature supporting range and material used for construction.

  • You can purchase SAE 100 R1 AT DIN EN853 ISN made up of oil resistive tube and can manage temperature between -40 degrees C to 100 C.
  • SAE 100 R2 DIN EN8532SN with same temperature range and SAE 100 R1 A, DIN853 IST and temperature from -40 to 100c.
  • The SAE 100 R2 A DIN EN853 2ST with same rubber tube having oil resistance. RIG Hose with high temperature tube having temperature range from -40 to 120 c.
  • Jack and Rig hose used in hydraulic jack for industrial purpose and can bear temperature up to-40 to 50 C.
  • EN 1360 made up of rubber tube which pulls resistant to fuel and -40 to 55 c is temperature range. IS 2396 with same temperature conditions and its application can be seen in vehicle fuel.
  • IS 10655 TYPE 3 can withstand in temperature 204 c and thus relevant in using for the passage of hot steam.
  • Steam hose IS 106552 with temperature bearing range up to 184 c and can bear steam pressure and temperature easily.
  • Very high pressure hose with -40 to 100 c temperature range and enable the smooth flow in very high range of pressure as well.
  • Mining BCS 174 as the name indicates used for the purpose of mining at various places in different forms, -40 to 100 c temperature range.